Charlotte Taps to Asuka! Raw Review (6/22/20)

The Good:

“Championship Monday” had a good flow to it. We had a lot of fun matches, and it is starting to become clear what the new direction of Raw will be following Bruce Prichard taking the reigns from Paul Heyman.

Top moment: Asuka finally got her win over Charlotte Flair in a match that could’ve gone longer

Edge and Randy Orton’s back and forth promos were a lot of fun

The Golden Role Models, Bayley and Sasha Banks, have done a fantastic job appearing on multiple shows a week and this week’s tag match and Sasha’s challenge to Asuka are no exception.

The Bad:

The flip side of Bruce Prichard taking over Raw’s programing is that we are starting to see who is having their pushes cut short and which wrestlers are likely going to stumble around until Prichard decides what to do with them.

Nia Jax seems lost now, but not in a way that benefits the character at all

The addition of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to the Raw roster is odd. Dolph’s feud with Otis never quite ended (but I guess Sonya Deville has been made the main heel in that storyline) and having him face Drew for the WWE Title at Extreme Rules seems to squash Bobby Lashley’s momentum. Robert Roode hasn’t been on television for weeks (although this seems to be due to him being unable to travel to the performance center from Canada so I can’t hold it against him.)

Bobby Lashley was main eventing two weeks ago and is now going to chase the US title?

The Ugly:

What the hell is going on with Natalya, Lana, and Liv Morgan? It seems like Liv might be heading towards a reunion with Ruby Riott which could be enough to keep her on TV (which would be good, but still feels like a step back for the character). I still can’t figure out what the goal is with Natalya’s most recent shift to a…a…a frustrated heel, locker room leader?

This Akira Tozawa ninja bit, aside from being seemingly racist, already feels old. Tozawa can chase the 24/7 championship if that’s what they want but having him play a cartoonish ninja leader just feels…exhausting

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