AEW Takes Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega to the Splash Zone! AEW Dynamite (Fight for the Fallen) Review (7/15/20)

Chris Jericho discovers his towel is Orange Cassidy merch. via Twitter (@AEWrestling)


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite maybe should’ve carried the Bash at the Beach banner instead of Fight for the Fallen considering how soaked some of their roster ended up. Kenny Omega took a beer bath courtesy of FTR and Chris Jericho and the non suspended members of the Inner Circle got what appeared to be gallons of OJ dumped on them from above the ring by Orange Cassidy. At the end of the day it turns out towels had a net neutral night after the fantastic freshly squeezed towel gag, Taz threw in the towel for Brian Cage in a pretty controversial move to end Cage’s title shot against AEW Champion Jon Moxley.

The rest of the show was a lot of fun to watch as well. Sonny Kiss had a fantastic showing against Cody, Lucha Bros and FTR had a banger that just solidifies how good the AEW tag division is right now, Kenny Omega might be setting up for a full blown heel turn, the Nightmare Sisters had their Dynamite debut. Even the aforementioned championship title match was must watch up until the finish. The table seems to be set for the road to All Out this September.

All that being said, let’s break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of AEW Dynamite Fight for the Fallen 7/15/20.

The Good

  • Taz on commentary while Tony Schiavone was having to wait on COVID test results. Schiavone was gone the entire show so Jericho filled in a little later which is also good.
  • Sonny Kiss’ entrance with the Jag’s cheerleaders.
  • Sonny looked fantastic against Cody in this match.
  • Sonny using the Cross Rhodes on Cody was great.
  • I admit that I am not a fan of Cody being so sloppy and slipping up while still retaining the TNT championship, but I am glad we are adding some story to this title reign.
  • FTR and Lucha Bros put on a clinic of a match!
  • The AEW Tag Team Division is so stacked! In almost any other promotion FTR and Lucha Bros would be champions.
  • Kenny getting beer dumped on him. Followed by Cash Wheeler saying “We’re gonna go get some real beer now!” as they left the arena.
  • Ortiz selling how slippery the orange juice on the mat was.
  • Jericho being furious at Orange Cassidy while he was joining JR and Excalibur on commentary. Also the multiple times that Excalibur showed replays of Jericho getting drenched.
  • I’m ready for a Kenny heel turn! Jericho really sold it on commentary as well!
  • Debuting the Nightmare Sisters on Dynamite is a good thing. I’m ready for some women’s tag team wrestling to take off in AEW.
  • Vickie Guerrero being revealed as Nyla’s new manager!
  • Vickie worked in lie, cheat, and steal into her promo which was great!
  • Seeing that Brian Cage defended the FTW championship against Brian Pillman Jr. on AEW Dark is enough to make me go back and watch this week’s Dark after I finish this review.
  • Mox tributing Danny Havoc during his entrance.
  • This title match would have Vince McMahon drooling. Just two big dudes beating the hell out of each other.
  • Honestly, this title match was good enough that I kept watching during picture in picture.
  • Darby Allin’s return!

The Bad

  • Just use the Dynamite theme…I’m sorry but what the hell was the song they opened with this week.
  • Cody should’ve lost his match several times before the finish. It’s serving a story but it made the match less fun to watch.
  • FTR’s truck not starting.
  • Jericho talking about ratings and “the demo” in his promo. I rolled my eyes so hard, its easy cheap heat for the WWE fans but it just feels too petty.
  • Orange Cassidy needs better music if he’s gonna have his own.

The Ugly

  • Taz throwing in the towel for Brian Cage. Ugh I hate it AEW creative should’ve just let Cage tap. He’s not that protected by having Taz quit for him and it just gets fans annoyed.

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