Cody Takes Some Tacks to His Back Defending TNT Title! AEW: Dynamite Review (7/22/20)

Cody after Eddie Kingston power bombed him into thumb tacks. Via a Twitter (@AEWrestling)


Last night’s episode of AEW: Dynamite was a lot of fun with some high quality matches that would make even the most jaded of wrestling viewer pop! Like any show it had it’s ups and downs but legitimately the best parts of the show were some of the best wrestling I’ve seen this Summer.

On the other hand. Some of the lowest points of the show were incredibly disappointing. I honestly had mixed feelings about Sammy Guevara’s return to the AEW. I totally understand that Sammy has apologized, taken sensitivity classes, and served a suspension. On top that he was even forgiven by Sasha Banks. That being said, I still don’t think it is right to give him a huge surprise return with a heroes welcome. I think it communicates that AEW didn’t really take what Sammy said seriously. Sammy’s return however, didn’t really factor into this episode greatly so let’s talk about that another time.

I really enjoyed this episode but still, let’s break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of AEW: Dynamite 7/22/20!

The Good

  • Eddie Kingston making his debut to fight Cody. His promo was fantastic!
  • Damn this tnt championship match is one of my favorites since the open challenge started!
  • Mox is doing some fantastic character work in his promo. You gotta love it.
  • MJF verbally abusing Griff Garrison was fantastic!
  • Damn this MJF match told a great story. MJF is potentially the best heel in all of wrestling.
  • Britt Baker is a joy to watch even when she isn’t in the ring.
  • The confrontation between Mox and Darby Allin and Brian Cage and Ricky Starks was good. I’m ready to see these matches happen.
  • The falls count anywhere tag match starting in the kitchen.
  • Superkick onto the escalator spot was hilarious.
  • The Young Bucks and Butcher and Blade put on a really fun match. I loved it!
  • Hangman wearing a mask under his bandana was good.
  • The match with “5” wasn’t too much to write home about but having Brodie Lee offer Hangman Page to join the Dark Order and the story that is being set up here is good.
  • Jake Hager’s trunks this episode were so much better than his Fyter Fest fear.
  • Aubrey Edwards and Jericho really getting in each other’s faces over the bat was great!

The Bad

  • We had heard Mox had an announcement to make. He really didn’t say anything other than cut a standard promo. Maybe he’ll say something next week?
  • Tony Schiavone’s explanation of what happened on Dark was not close to what was happening on screen. Very confusing.
  • The AEW women’s tag team division is pretty much non existent. I’m worried this is just an excuse to get some gold on Brandi Rhodes. I’m hopeful that I’m wrong about this but this doesn’t exactly excite me.
  • The motivation for the Jericho and Hager vs. Jurassic Express match is kinda dumb. I’d rather that they just set it up and let it happen.
  • The falls count anywhere match should have main evented tonight and the only reason it probably didn’t was because of Sammy’s return.

The Ugly

  • This is where I could rant about Sammy Guevara’s return. It was ugly it says a lot about AEW’s priorities, it says a lot to the women who spoke out last month, it put a bad taste in my mouth. People are going to frame this in an AEW vs. WWE light which is not what I am trying to do (WWE has made many many mistakes when dealing with sensitive PR nightmares). I’m disappointed and I hope that every wrestling company can do better in the future.

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