The Reign of Two Beltz Banks Officially Begins! Raw Review (7/27/20)

Bayley and Sasha Banks hold up all of the gold in the women’s division via twitter (@WWE)


So last night’s episode of Raw actually had a lot going for it. We had the set up for two promising matches at SummerSlam with Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship and Andrade and Angel Garza challenging The Street Profits for the Raw Tag Team Championships. On top of that we had the continuation of several ongoing stories including The Hurt Business continuing to try and expand their roster, Seth Rollins and his feud with Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick, and Asuka and Sasha fighting over the Raw Women’s Championship.

The women’s title defense much like its extreme rules counterpart was divisive amongst online wrestling fans. Some really enjoyed the story beat done at the end while others derided it as another wonky finish like the one we saw at Extreme Rules. I for one, am totally on board with the finish to this match as it accomplished a lot. It got all of the belts officially on Bayley and Sasha, it wrote off Kairi Sane, and it gave a new dimension to Asuka’s babyface character. Having all of the belts on Sasha Banks and Bayley is likely not the long term plan, but it puts targets on their backs and it offers and opportunity for them to defend all of their titles against anyone in the division, guaranteeing some fantastic matches.

All in all I enjoyed this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw more than I have the last few weeks. So let’s break down, the good, the bad, and the ugly of WWE Monday Night Raw 7/27/20.

The Good

  • Randy Orton delivered a solid promo at the top of the show.
  • Randy and Drew at SummerSlam should be good.
  • The Street Profits serving as the ring announcers for the triple threat tag match.
  • The triple threat match is a lot of fun to watch. There was near constant action.
  • It was predictable but Andrade and Garza vs. The Street Profits should be a good SummerSlam match.
  • The VIP lounge segments actually make anyone who comes in look like a superstar. Really good for Mustafa Ali to come in and kill it on the mic.
  • Asuka was doing a great job of selling during her match with Sasha.
  • Both women looked super strong.
  • Kairi Sane calling out for Asuka broke my heart. I don’t blame Asuka for leaving to help!
  • Holy shit. that match was awesome and told a great story not just with the ending. Asuka seeking revenge should be great.
  • I don’t envy Murphy and Humberto Carillo having to follow that match. But they did a good job.
  • Asuka coming out of the trainer’s room in tears and then just going insane was fantastic!
  • Drew choosing an extreme rules match was a good choice.
  • Claymore through the table!!!!!!
  • RKO to end the show!

The Bad

  • Nia’s promo was real flat before Shayna interrupted her.
  • I’m tired of watching Seth and Murphy attack Rey or Dominick and then Aleister Black coming to defend them. Hopefully this is the last time.
  • The ninjas interrupting Mustafa Ali and Bobby Lashley’s match was dumb and unnecessary.
  • Why didn’t the get a sponsor to do limited commercials during the extreme rules match. It broke the flow of the match in a bad way.

The Ugly

  • I’m fine with a Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler feud. It could be brutal and a lot of fun, but why have two non-matches in one episode. This was dumb, just let them fight!

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