Karrion Kross Wins NXT Championship! NXT TakeOver: XXX review!

Karrion Kross and Scarlett with the NXT Championship.


NXT TakeOver was actually about as good as expected. There is something magically about TakeOver, the way that the NXT roster gives us stellar matches, the way that the stakes are raised more than most PPV or WWE Network special, and TakeOver XXX is no exception to this.

Last night saw the beginning of two new title reigns, with Karrion Kross taking the NXT Championship off of Keith Lee, and Damian Priest who climbed the ladder to win the NXT North American Championship. Both of these victories were not my preferred outcome of the night, but at least the matches were good. I was also very impressed with Pat McAfee’s performance in his match against Adam Cole. What started as a gimmick celebrity match actually turned out to be very entertaining.

I really enjoyed watching NXT TakeOver: XXX last night and I hope y’all did too. Anyway let’s get into the good, the bad, and the ugly of this edition of TakeOver.

The Good

  • I really enjoyed the number one contender tag match on the preshow.
  • I love the giant X screens. Especially how they have the two wrestlers on either side in one on one matches.
  • The first match between Balor and Thatcher was super technical. I loved seeing Finn Balor work the mat and change his style for this.
  • The ladder match had a good hype video.
  • Just assume I love it anytime Bronson Reed uses another wrestler as weapon essentially.
  • There was a good massive multi-man superplex spot that was a lot of fun.
  • The one final beat onto Bronson Reed using the ladder was cool.
  • Candice LeRae coming out to help Johnny. Also I’d be fine if Candice just won the title.
  • Reed’s high spot with LeRae on his back was great!
  • Reed dumping Velveteen Dream into the abyss was a highlight of the night.
  • Adam Cole vs. Pat McAfee was fun! I was expecting it to be short and not worth watching but I was pleasantly surprised. It would’ve been a great main event for a regular NXT episode, but it wasn’t quite a TakeOver level match.
  • Adam Cole deserved his win!
  • I loved the women’s championship match.
  • Io retaining was the right way to go. I can’t wait to see what is next (one would assume it’s a feud with Rhea Ripley.)
  • Lee and Kross beat the hell out of each other and that made the outcome worth it.

The Bad

  • The ladder match had a lot of weird jokey moments that felt out of place.
  • Damian Priest’s is a lackluster as I feel his run will be.
  • I’m not sure Kross is ready for a run with the title, but I won’t say its ugly cause the story still needs to play out.

The Ugly

  • Just an ugly landing for Io on her wrist toward the beginning of her match. I hope she’s ok.

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