Orange Cassidy Stands Tall Before Fyter Fest! AEW: Dynamite Review (6/24/20)

Orange Cassidy image via Twitter (@AEW)


It feels weird to call this the “go home show” before Fyter Fest, but considering the two-week event has the card of a major pay per view that is exactly what this night of Dynamite was. The show itself had some ups and downs, but overall I really enjoyed the vast majority of the matches we got on Wednesday.

The best part of the show by far was how much we saw the Fyter Fest card fill up with some pretty motivated matches. The next two weeks should definitely be considered must-see tv. Tonight, like a lot of Dynamite episodes featured more good than bad, but also a lot of less memorable moments.

That being said let’s look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of AEW: Dynamite from Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

The Good

  • Look, I am a sucker for big guys superplexing other big guys in wrestling, and two of AEW’s biggest guys are Wardlow and Luchasaurus, this match was great and it got me excited to see MJF and Wardlow team up against Jurassic Express.
  • Everything that Marko Stunt did during the opening lumberjack match was great, but especially his running senton into the lumberjacks to save Jungle Boy.
  • Britt Baker’s full popemobile upgrade to the Role’s Royce.
  • Shida taking on Red Velvet in a crazy fast match to immediately brawl with Penelope Ford. This confrontation gave some great heat for next week’s title match.
  • Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss’s video skit prior to their match with Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana. I saw this segment getting some flack online, but I just don’t understand why. This is a lot of fun and these two performers have a lot of chemistry in the ring!
  • The storytelling in the tag match between Colt Cabana and Brodie Lee and Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss. Sonny and Joey looked real strong for the people that haven’t been watching them on AEW: Dark, but we also saw just how far Brodie Lee is willing to go to get Colt Cabana to join the Dark Order.
  • Tony Schiavone calling FTR and SCU brawling in the middle of the ring a donnybrook.
  • Lucha Bros return to AEW and set up an 8-man tag match for Fyter Fest
  • Big Swole dumping trash on Britt Baker.
  • The entire Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho face off and brawl! Jericho is fantastic on the mic and Orange Cassidy is just a joy to watch, by the time the two were making their way into the stand I realized that I hadn’t been able to look away from my screen at all.

The Bad

  • The lumberjack match spent way to much time outside of the ring. I get that this was to do a lot of really fun spots, but it really didn’t live up to the promise of a “classic” lumberjack match.
  • The Cody and Jake Hager press conference (honestly, this probably falls into the not memorable category, but I noted this as being bad as I was watching the show). I can get behind the idea of press conferences for big title matches, it works well in UFC and other fighting sports, but no one in this segment felt present or like their hearts were in selling this at all. Also, I will always laugh at Dustin Rhodes in a suit with his face paint on (sorry, Dustin).
  • Lance Archer seemingly committed a hate crime when attacking Sonny Kiss. I only half-joke, this was supposed to set up a match between Archer and Janela but it really felt like Sonny was the victim here.
  • Taz calling Mox quarantining a “bullshit excuse” (look it was a good promo but in light of the news of multiple positive COVID cases in wrestling, it kind of aged like milk).

The Ugly

  • This is the first time I’ve noticed this, but Luchasaurus wears toe shoes…which is objectively ugly.
  • AEW having a crowd of non-wrestlers considering the multiple wrestlers who have come into contact with the virus. (WWE is no angel either but the crowd that Jericho and Cassidy brawled through just made me uneasy knowing what we know now.)

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