Dijakovic Challenges Lee in Lee’s First Double Title Defense! NXT Review (7/15/20)

Ref holds up both belts before Dijakovic and Lee’s Title Match via Twitter (@WWENXT)


Last night’s NXT had a very post TakeOver vibe to it, which is not a bad thing. Keith Lee deserved a night to celebrate his historic win over Adam Cole, and NXT needed to show us what is next for the black and gold brand. Apparently what is next is a Timothy Thatcher Oney Lorcan feud (good), more Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox (sure), and the inevitable Karrion Kross and Keith Lee title match (needs more time to build). With some decent appearances from Robert Stone to continue his storyline with Shotzi Blacheart that started last week and some teases for the future of legado del fantasma it looks like we are set until our next TakeOver which will presumable happen in August in conjunction with SummerSlam.

Last night was a lot of fun to watch, Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic put on another stellar match which is to be expected from them, and Io Shirai’s clean win over Tegan Nox was a welcome surprise. I’m looking forward to what NXT is going to give us in the next few weeks and hoping that Kross and Lee will happen somewhere further down the line.

All that being said, let’s break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of WWE NXT 7/15/20!

The Good

  • The videos of everyone calling out Keith Lee for a title shot. Yes! Please book Keith Lee as unstoppable and also book Karrion Kross as unstoppable then when they are both looking crazy strong have them clash, please don’t rush this!
  • The opening promo from Keith Lee was wonderful.
  • Hey! Dijakovic is back!
  • Grimes and Priest looked good in the ring this week and put on a fun to watch match!
  • Cameron Grimes reminds me of a young Chris Jericho. I could definitely see him cutting a “man of 1,004 holds” type promo, but also their in ring style is pretty similar.
  • Dijakovic and Lee put on a really fun match. I saw some criticism that they did the same match they have been doing since they were on the indies, but this match felt different Lee looked stronger than he has against Dijakovic and it was a fun celebration of this partnership.
  • Kross vs. Dijakovic set for next week!
  • I love watching Thatcher destroy anyone in the ring!
  • This women’s title match was awesome!
    • I loved how technical it was to start out
    • Io was doing some fantastic heel work. Making lots of use of those 5 counts on the ropes
    • Tegan Nox looked awesome tonight she will be champion one day
    • Clean win for Io! I was almost certain Dakota Kai would interfere during the match but she didn’t.
  • Dakota Kai is next for Io, then probably back to feuding with Tegan.

The Bad

  • I get why Shotzi had to loose her match to advance her story with Robert Stone, but I wish that it had been a match with a little more consequence.
  • Look, we all know that Kross and Lee with eventually clash over the titles, but I really don’t want it to happen anytime soon. Scarlett appearing to put the pieces of the broken hourglass in the ring makes me think that Keith Lee vs. Karrion Kross is happening much sooner than it should.

The Ugly

No ugly for this show. Everything went how it probably should have. Good episode, see you next week!

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