AEW Gives The Internet What They Want, Debuts Warhorse and Matt Cardona! AEW Review 7/29/20


This episode of Dynamite (as well as NXT) both proved why the best wrestling on television is on Wednesday Nights. Whether you are watching NXT live and DVRing AEW or the other way around you are guaranteed to see some stellar matches and really fun storytelling. Dynamite was no exception this week.

The biggest news of course is the debut of internet wrestling community darlings Warhorse and Matt Cardona. After weeks of campaigns in the replies of Cody and AEW’s twitter accounts it has happened. While we have confirmation that Cardona will be making his in ring debut next week teaming with longtime friend Cody, the future is not so certain for Warhorse. Personally, I’d love to see Warhorse continue to rule ass in an AEW ring considering the high quality matches he could have with big names like Adam Page and Jungle Boy.

AEW’s show this week was top notch so let’s jump right in and look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite 7/29/20.

The Good

  • Starting off with the 10-man tag match was good. Lot’s of action to start off a fun show.
  • Taz on commentary with Jim Ross is a very good combo and a classic. As much as I enjoy Excalibur you really can’t beat a pairing as solid as these two.
  • Matt Hardy and Sammy picking up their feud.
  • Great way to introduce Warhorse to a mainstream audience. He got in some great offense and was lot of fun to watch.
  • Matt Cardona looks great! You gotta love it when a WWE guy gets fired and comes back jacked.
  • The Inner Circle promo was good. Jericho and Orange Cassidy debate next week should be fun and then Jericho Cassidy II on August 12th is very promising.
  • FT contract signing was very funny.
  • Colt Cabana on commentary was pretty good. Did a good job of expanding his story with the Dark Order.
  • Stu Grayson overselling the Irish whip to distract Kenny was good.
  • Dark Order vs. The Elite and FTR should be a fun feud.
  • MJF doing the politician schtick while in picture in picture was fun.
  • MJF’s state of the industry address was pretty great. The WWE allusions were a lot of fun. I don’t know why but MJF pulls off the ratings war heel work a lot better than Jericho.
  • MJF and Moxley at All Out would be a great match up.
  • Darbin Allin hiding in the rafters waiting to hit the coffin drop on Cage and Starks was good.
  • Skateboard with the tacks on the bottom was cool and unique, I love it.

The Bad

  • The 10-man tag match was pretty slow. I can’t blame them too much cause there is a lot going on, but it was very clear when wrestlers were just stalling to get to the next preplanned spot.
  • Matt Hardy has dropped his broken gimmick, which is fine, but I didn’t recognize his music. Just give us a shot of the tron to let us know who is running in, it isn’t that hard.
  • Poor Darby Allin. There is no chance he is gonna win his title match next week, MJF vs. Moxley is too big of a draw to give up on.

The Ugly

  • No ugly this week. Move along!

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